Practice Areas

The lawyers of Cantrell, Strenski & Mehringer, LLP have the ability to handle a wide variety of lawsuits and provide our clients with legal advice regarding many different aspects of their business. Although we primarily practice in various aspects of insurance law, we have the experience to handle other non-insurance litigation.

Our primary practice areas include, but are not limited to:

Insurance Coverage and Bad Faith Litigation

The attorneys of Cantrell, Strenski & Mehringer, LLP are experienced insurance coverage and bad faith litigation lawyers. Two of our attorneys have been named as Indiana Super Lawyers in the insurance coverage area.

We provide our clients with objective interpretations of a wide variety of insurance contracts. When disputes arise, we provide creative advice on the rights and obligations of the parties to an insurance contract and work with our clients to resolve disputes through negotiation, mediation and arbitration.

Sometimes, lawsuits cannot be resolved without trial and our attorneys are experienced trial lawyers. We routinely prosecute and defend coverage lawsuits across Indiana and in other jurisdictions as well. When insurance coverage issues result in litigation, our attorneys have represented clients in all 50 states. We have experience as National Coordinating Counsel for a major U.S. Property & Casualty insurer for environmental coverage litigation. We represent our insurance clients at every stage of insurance coverage litigation, including document discovery, depositions, motion practice, jury and court trials in state and federal courts, appeals and alternative dispute resolution. Our attorneys have been asked to take over litigation or to be associated as trial counsel shortly before trial. We also serve our insurance clients by acting as local counsel for their in-house counsel and/or national counsel.

It is not uncommon for policyholders, when pursuing a claim against their insurers, to claim that the insurer has acted in bad faith or to seek extra-contractual damages. We defend our client insurers against claims asserting that insurers have committed bad faith, Insurance Code violations, deceptive trade practices, or other actionable conduct. We represent insurance carriers at every stage of bad faith/extra-contractual litigation, including pre-litigation opinions, dispositive motion practice, trials, appeals and alternative dispute resolution. We presently represent the largest insurer in the nation in bad faith/extra-contractual litigation in Indiana.

Our attorneys are committed to assisting our insurance clients in avoiding litigation and have worked with clients in drafting or reviewing proposed policy language. We frequently consult with insurers to assist with training and to provide updates about changes in the law and the legal environment. Helping our clients avoid claims and lawsuits is an important part of our practice and an important part of our relationship with our clients.

Our experience in insurance coverage and litigation, includes, but is not limited to the following:

Asbestos and Toxic Tort Litigation

Asbestos and other toxic tort litigation continues to threaten businesses to liability for injuries caused by exposure to asbestos and other toxic substances. Recently, mass tort claims have been filed in Indiana courts involving injuries allegedly caused by exposure to silica and silica dust, coal tar and coal tar pitch products, substances used to treat lumber, pesticides, benzene and other toxic substances. The attorneys of Cantrell, Strenski & Mehringer, LLP have collectively more than 40 years of experience in representing manufacturers, property owners, contractors, distributors and others who are sued for liability for exposure to toxic substances.

Insurance Defense

In addition to representing our insurance clients in coverage matters and bad faith litigation, we are also retained by insurers to represent and defend their policyholders in numerous types of civil lawsuits, including but not limited to the following:

Business Litigation

Although our primary focus is on the insurance industry and its policyholders, our attorneys have represented businesses and persons in complex non-insurance civil litigation, including, but not limited to the following:

State and Federal Appeals

Our lawyers have prepared appeals in numerous cases, including but not limited to the following:


The attorneys of Cantrell, Strenski & Mehringer, LLP are experienced environmental lawyers. One of our attorneys has been named as an Indiana Super Lawyer, included in the Best Lawyers of America® in the field of Litigation, and was selected as Indianapolis’ “Lawyer of the Year” for Litigation – Environmental by Best Lawyers of America®.

We represent clients before the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) to investigate and remediate Impacts to the environment from industrial and commercial operations, including gasoline stations and dry-cleaning facilities. We work closely with environmental consultants whom we retain on behalf of our clients to investigate and remediate the environmental impacts to soil and groundwater and vapor intrusion into buildings, with oversight by IDEM in the Underground Storage Tank, State Cleanup or Voluntary Remediation Program.

Because environmental impacts to soil and groundwater can migrate to other properties and can also result in vapor intrusion impacts in buildings, the owners or operators of impacted sites may be sued by occupants or residents of adjoining commercial and/or residential properties for alleged bodily injuries arising from ingestion of contaminated groundwater or exposure to vapors from substances such as petroleum products, chlorinated solvents, and other chemicals. To mitigate against such exposures by third parties that may result in such lawsuits, we work closely with the chosen environmental consultant to undertake actions that eliminate such exposures. If, however, such exposures do result in toxic tort litigation, then we are experienced in defending clients sued for liability for exposure to those substances.

Often environmental impacts also result in cost recovery and/or contribution litigation among property owners and/or potentially responsible parties to recoup the significant costs involved in investigation and remediation of the environmental impacts. We represent clients in state and federal courts in environmental litigation involving cost recovery and/or contribution claims under the Indiana Environmental Legal Action and Underground Storage Tank statutes, common law theories of liability (including negligence, trespass, and nuisance), and the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act.